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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally, the End of the Line for Blockbuster?

..... the marketing of DVDs through any type of physical outlet may no longer be of interest to consumers.

See full article from DailyFinance: http://srph.it/ePbjaD


  1. the trends here are fascinating. if anything, blockbuster has hung on longer as a dedicated video-rental chain longer than some of the major CD/record store chains. many major malls no longer have a "record store" anymore, just maybe a section in a few department stores.

  2. What is interesting is that Apple has never added Blu Ray drives to its Mac line up. Why?

    My best guess is that Steve Jobs anticipated that physical media is a dying market and decided that their future lies with online content. The trend we are seeing in DVD sales etc seem to suggest he maybe right if that was in fact his logic.

    How long before we see DVD drives disappearing from their entire line up (It is already gone in the AIR)???

    The only thing holding it back right now is the distribution of software......and Apple has just started an online store for that....

  3. It is so much more convenient to just have everything on your ipod or computer with the big screen just there for enhanced viewing pleasure. Blockbuster probably should have forseen this as Apple grew and staked their spot online ala Netflix when they had the chance.

  4. Blockbuster tried to respond to Netflix. Unfortunately as a new company Netflix was able to build a distribution system from the ground up. This allowed them to distribute DVDs quickly and cheaply.

    Blockbuster was saddled with a lot of legacy stores with high rent. They tried to leverage that by allowing returns at their stores along with mail distribution but that just could not overcome the problem they had with stores loosing money.

    A number of other companies tried to take on Netflix as well and none of them were able to break its back even with a price war. Netflix then skillfully made the move to online distribution and here we are.

  5. My friend just learned a hard reality of downloading the content from Netflix. His computer died, the drive went bad. So he lost everything. This happened today, so not sure what the policy is. Can he download it again or does he have to pay for it? Even if he does have the option to download again for free, that will take a while. I don't use Netflix so I'm not sure how they work. But I'd rather have a bunch of DVDs/BluRay/Whatever then everyone on one drive that is guaranteed to fail eventually.


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