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Friday, January 21, 2011

First Annual Indie Intertube Awards!

Last night the ladies from Indie Intertube presented their 2011 awards. All in all it was a fun show to watch and minor sound issues aside a well done first effort by Shadhavar and Destini!

Indie Intertube Winners List

-Trailer/Teaser/Promo- Continuum Teaser
-Sound Design- Hamilton Carver Zombie P.I. -- Steve Courson
-Set Design- Cell -- Stephen Fay-Production Design, Dan Saner-Art Director, Kate Morter-Props, Natalie Shanks-Set dresser
-Best Dressed- Heroes of the North -- Anderson Bradshaw -- Costume Designer
-Costume Designer of the Year- Jenny Green
-Visual Effects- Soul Fire Rising
-Most Innovative Web Series - Safety Geeks 3D
-Editing- Scott Turner - Squatters
-Best Additional Content- Black Box TV
-Socially Connected- Venice the Series
-Best Looking Show-Night of the Zombie King -- Andrea R Deutsch -- Cinematographer & Asylum -- Erik Curtis -- Director of Photography
-Make Up Effects- Camera Obscura
-Make Up Artist of the Year- Jamie Blair
-It`s a Small World/Addictive/Stuck in Your Head Song Award - Vampire Zombie Werewolf Show Theme Song
-Soundtrack- Miss Behave
-Theme Song- Pretty the Series -- Gumdrop the Unicorn -- Ben Silverman (Songwriter)
-Score- Brian Satterwhite - Cell
-Subscription- Venice the Series
-Branded-The Temp Life
-Ensemble Comedy- The Guild
-Ensemble Drama- Anacostia
-Supporting Actor Comedy- Michael Taylor Gray - Pretty the Series
-Supporting Actress Comedy- Beth Chamberlin - Steamboat
-Supporting Actor Drama- Kevin McCarthy - Cell
-Supporting Actress Drama- Jade Warner - Untitled Fiction Project
-Best Guest- Mark Gantt - The Temp Life Season 5 & Felicia Day - The Jeff Lewis 5 minute Comedy Hour -- Episode III: Date
-Best Duo- Vivian Kerr & Heleya de Barros -- Elle & Marcy - We Are With The Band
-Most Loveable Geek- Maxwell Glick -- Night of the Zombie King
-Best Villain- Kevin McCarthy -- The Man - Cell
-Best Vampire/Zombie Show- Vampire Mob & Vampire Zombie Werewolf Show
-WTF Moment- World Full of Nothing -- Finale Twist
-Best Show To Recommend to Your Mother- Mind's Eye
-Not Safe for Work Show- Girl/Girl Scene
-Smexiest Actor- Joel Bryant
-Smexiest Actress- Cooper Harris
-Actor in a Comedy- Sam Pancake - Pretty the Series
-Actress in a Comedy- Stacy McQueen - Pretty the Series & Tanya Ihnen - Vampire Zombie Werewolf Show
-Actor in a Drama- Dylan Kussman - The Steps
-Actress in a Drama- Jourdan Gibson - Cell
-Writing in a Comedy- Brendan Bradley - Squatters
-Writing in a Drama- Cheryl L West - Diary of a Single Mom
-Directing in a Comedy- Robb Padgett - Vampire Zombie Werewolf Show
-Directing in a Drama-Scott Brown - Asylum
-Credit Sequence- Heroes of the North
-Best Hosted/Live Web Series- Stripped Down Live
-Best Animated-Gym Shortz
-Soap Opera-Anacostia
-Horror-Camera Obscura
-Action- Status Kill
-Comedy- Pretty the Series & Squatters
-Drama- Diary of a Single Mom
-Audience Choice- The Unemployment of Danny London (Poll is available on the right of this post. )
-Best Web Series- Diary of a Single Mom

1 comment:

  1. Congrats to everyone who made a web series in 2010. You are all winners because you followed your passion.

    Hopefully the direction forward in 2011 will be to identify your competitive advantage and exploit it to the max. What do you offer that is not on TV. What do you offer that is not on any other web series. How is your show unique? What does your creative team do better than anyone else? What style does your production team bring to the table that has not been seen before? How can you better reach out to a wider audience; and by that I specifically mean outside the community of web series creators.

    2011 could be a great year for not only the creative but also for views if web series creators look back to what has worked in the past and forward to what directions are evolving that will take us into the future. So in 2011, BRING IT!!!

    Thanks again to Indie Intertube for bringing an award show back to the online community. Great job.


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