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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Improve Engagement with your Webisodes

My point is only that there should be some reasoning behind the scheduling and not just because TV has scheduled weekly content.

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  1. The good news is that you are thinking about this. You make some good points. However you miss one of the core reasons for a series: a sense of realism. This was fundamental to one of the seminal web series: lonelygirl15. Can you imagine that being posted at any less than "real time"?

    First there is a sense of anticipation to be considered. Leaving the viewer (or in the case of lonelygirl15, participants) wanting more is fundamental to the experience. That is just as true, if not more so for a web series than it was for the cliff hanger on that thing they used to call television.

    If the web series exists within an ARG it would do well to stick to TINAG. That is not to say that the release times can not be designed but it does imply that factors fundamental to the experience should be paramount. That said, more people should think about how to effectively release content to the benefit of all in a World where there is a glut of information. Simply "dumping" content onto the World Wide Web benefits no one.


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