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Monday, January 17, 2011

The IAWTV's Board finalists.

It looks like there will be another round of voting in the IAWTV Board elections. We cannot be sure who has made the cut so far but it is clear from the above tweet that George Ruiz, one of the encumbent board members has made it through.

Who else? Perhaps a little anon bird will spill the goodies from the rather secretive IAWTV.

UPDATE: The tweet below might give us a clue as to who else made the cut for what appears to be a final round of voting for the IAWTV Board.

Good luck @FeliciaDay @JackFerry99 @DinaKaplan @TomKonkle @CaseyMcKinnon @MattMeeks @davidnett @JenniPowell @GeorgeRuiz @1TimStreet 4 @IAWTV

Another round of good luck to Paul @Kontonis and @Illeanarama Douglas who also made it through to the next round of voting for the @IAWTV.


  1. I wonder if all these people have been voting members for the required year?

    Section 3. Qualifications, Selection and Term of Office.

    (a) Notwithstanding those persons selected by the incorporators to serve as members
    of the initial Board, only a person who (i) has been a Regular Voting Member in good standingof the Corporation for a period of at least one (1) year immediately prior to the effective date of the election, and (ii) has been neither suspended for less than thirty (30) days, nor subject to any other disciplinary action under Article IV, Section 4(c) in the two 2) years prior to theeffective date of the election, and (iii) has not been suspended for more than thirty (30) days at any time, shall be eligible to be nominated as a candidate for election to serve as a Director.


  2. Once again the LA bubble shows the world that they stick together no matter what. Lesson learned...

  3. I guess they forgot they were supposed to be an international body. Thank goodness for Canada...........lol........

  4. Did you really expect them to change just because they dumped Tubefilter?

  5. One can hope.

    It must be apparent to the IAWTV that the current situation is a massive embarrassment to them. If they ever hope to be taken seriously in the World it is quite clear to anyone that they need to be better represented internationally. I guess it is just not that important to them.

    Close sighted yes, but it it is their choice.

  6. As a member, (until they kick me out,) I can honestly say this board will NOT represent me. The bubble has a LOT of fence mending to do if they want us on the outside to embrace them more.

  7. The IAWTV has a long way to go. We need to create real value for the members instead of worrying about award shows. This will not happen over night but it should be happening faster than it is. The board needs to help make it happen in an open and equitable way.

  8. Paul,

    With very few exceptions, (I didn't even vote for 6 people it was that bad,) I don't see anyone who really cares all that much about serving anything but the needs of the LA bubble.

    I could care less about award shows and it the lack of representation outside the bubble makes this academy a total waste of money to anyone outside of LA. If you want it to be open, stop treating us outsiders like competition that should be your consumers and treat us like the PEERS we are.

  9. Venus Spa: the idea that you are a peer of the people vying for a position on the board of directors of the IAWTV is laughable at best.

    The IAWTV itself is laughable right now, so that is saying something.

    You are clinging to this blog because it is probably the only place on the internet where you might find a few people to watch, but your series is bad. Really bad.

    I don't enjoy telling you this, but there it is. I hope your actors read here. Maybe they will find some other work that might yield respect.


  10. Paul,

    it is hard for the rest of the World to know what is going on with the IAWTV. There is no conversation. It is all buried behind the pay wall of the IAWTV. That is your prerogative of course but until the IAWTV engages in a meaningful dialogue with the entire web series community what is it really?

  11. Apo, personal preferences and judgements are one thing. Market realities are quite another.

    Venus Spa does get a substantial number of views on Youtube. More than most web series that do not "buy views" in fact. Further, the level of engagement as judged by comments is greater than say Bannen Way.

    Now clearly it is a niche show crafted for a niche audience. But if views and engagement are any measure it is achieving what it set out to achieve. YouTube is a strange beast and Venus certainly has not reached anything close to vlogger views, but then how many web series have (other than those that use actual vloggers to promote their show)?

    Niche shows are not for everyone. Thats kinda the point. But that is the freedom and power that the www has given us: the ability to cater to highly specific audiences in a new and interesting way.

    It will take a lot of experimentation by web series creators before they fully understand their audience and what their audience wants. Too many web series simply serve up what they think the audience should have based on expectations of media from times gone by.

    It is a new World out there and Youtube and its potential for niche audiences is a massive part of it.

  12. There are plenty of open discussion boards where the entire community can participate in open debates that affect the "space".

    Those are really the venues of choice.......not closed door behind the scenes discussions or discussions buried behind a pay wall or in private "committees".

    I get that the IAWTV is a private group with private membership but there is also a larger community out there that has a vested interest in the space. How the IAWTV relates interacts and communicates with that community reflects on how the organization will be perceived by the community as a hole.

    If the membership of the IAWTV prefers to discuss everything behind their pay wall that is their choice. But lets be clear about one thing: they do not speak for everyone and such "exclusive discussions" are potentially destructive to the open communication and debate that takes place on the web.

  13. I agree that there is no conversation or at least the conversation is very limited and amongst a few people at best.

    At the board level it will be our job to provide the resources to meet the needs of the members. We can have our overall beliefs and guiding principles - open discussion and creating value for all members are mine - but we have been thinking about the board incorrectly. The board serves the membership and helps to make things happen not solely to make decisions in private. the board members need to represent all stakeholders in our interest from across the country (ideally from across the world).

    I hope that I get elected so I help guide the IAWTV along and make it mean something. Right now what does a membership to the IAWTV really mean? That needs to change.

  14. I would say it is imperative that you engage around the World. It is not optional.

    Many of the IAWTV's issues stem from the LA/NYC syndrome. Those are areas that are dominated by traditional media.

    Web series break the mould and do not have to obey the rules of old. Things like geoblocking for example might make sense to the has beens of the TV industry but they make no sense in the context of global distribution and the World Wide Web.

    The IAWTV needs to come to terms with who it represents. The power mongers of the past or the entrepreneurs of the future? Its a choice because the old guard will not give up their turf lightly. They will hang onto their decaying business models as they drive their industry into the ground.

    The future is with global. We all know it........it is just a matter of time. You either get on board or you will be drowned by the currents of change.


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