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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Naomi: The Show

In Episode 1, Naomi gets a bus stop proposition.

Created by Naomi Dayneswood & Jennica Harper
Director: Nicholas Humphries
Writer: Jennica Harper
Producers: Robert Woolsey & Naomi Dayneswood
Starring: Naomi Dayneswood & Alex Dafoe
Director of Photography: Christopher Charles Kempinski
Editor: Chad Galloway
Sound Design: Michael Scott Schrum
Makeup Design: Alyssa Satow & Katie Satow
Title Credit Design: Christopher Preksta
Music Composer: Chris King
Proudly Supported by Vancouver Film School - http://www.vfs.com

See full crew listings at http://www.naomitheshow.com/cast-crew

Find out more about Naomi: The Show at http://www.naomitheshow.com

See more: http://www.youtube.com/user/NaomitheShow

From the press release:

January 11, 2011 - Vancouver, BC - We've all had the nagging feeling at one time or another that weird people are profoundly, inexplicably attracted to us. They get too close on the bus, they explain their conspiracy theories long past the point of social comfort, they latch on and won't let go.

Now imagine all that but magnified by a thousand… and you've got the life of Naomi Dayneswood, star of the new web comedy series Naomi: The Show. The first season, which premiered in December, delivers the painfully awkward laughs in 10 micro-episodes based on Dayneswood's real-life encounters, from a man convinced he’s seen a lewd picture of her (because he drew it) to a classmate who proposes an old-fashioned slumber party... for two. Episodes run just one or two minutes each.

Naomi: The Show brings Dayneswood’s comedic acting talents together with some serious Vancouver firepower, including writer Jennica Harper, currently a writer/story editor on YTV's new sitcom Mr. Young, and director Nicholas Humphries, a key part of the team behind the groundbreaking SyFy.com series Riese: Kingdom Falling.

Since its premiere, Naomi: The Show has raised eyebrows and won acclaim, including praise from NSI Canada's Kellie Ann Benz, who listed it in her year-end top web series alongside Happy Tree Friends and The Guild.

"I am constantly getting into situations with these hairy characters, and every morning at work it seemed like I had a different story to tell," explains Dayneswood, who was raised in Kelowna before moving to Vancouver.

"I was telling the story of a one-eyed guy – this eventually became episode 2 – to a friend over dinner, and he thought it was hilarious. At the end of the evening he suggested it would make a perfect web series. Jennica and I looked at each other and it just clicked! I started writing down all the story ideas I could think of. I had more than we could possibly use.”

“One of the most exciting things for me is having creative control,” says Harper of the decision to take the show straight to online audiences. “When you work on a TV series writing staff, your job is to write the best script you can that fits the established vision for the show. On Naomi: The Show, I am the writing staff.”

“With social networks making it so easy for people to access new work, you're sharing it with a bigger audience than before,” she says. “And shows online can have a long life... at any time, something might catch fire again because a new audience has discovered it.”

Those new audiences are tuning in to the first 10 episodes at naomitheshow.com. Viewers can see behind the scenes on Twitter (twitter.com/naomitheshow) and Facebook (facebook.com/naomitheshow).

About Naomi: The Show
Imagine you’re a normal, small-town girl living in the big city. Too bad you’re also a superconducting magnet for crazy. They’re the strangest, dirtiest, most bizarre characters in town. And they won’t… leave you… alone. Naomi: The Show is a web comedy series starring Naomi Dayneswood, written by Jennica Harper (Mr. Young, Shattered) and directed by Nicholas Humphries (Riese). The 10-episode first season of Naomi: The Show premiered on December 1, 2010, and all episodes are available for free online at naomitheshow.com.


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