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Sunday, January 23, 2011

NATPE 2011

January 24-26, 2011


Digital: Unlocking New Opportunities for Content Partners on YouTube

Digital: Developing the Next Digital Hit
- Michael Wayne, CEO, DECA

Digital: New Worlds: Creating Online Sci-Fi Experiences
- Moderator(s): George Ruiz, Head of New Media, ICM
- Chris Preksta, Writer/Director of THE MERCURY MEN, Mercury Men Pictures
- Ryan Copple, Executive Producer, Riese Productions, Ltd.

Digital: One-on-One with Jeffrey Gomez: Transmedia
- Speaker(s): Jeff Gomez, President and CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment]

Digital: The New Guard of Digital Deal Makers
- Joy Marcus, Dailymotion
- Jonathan Small, Break Media

Anatomy of a Hit Web Series
- Dane Boedigheimer, Annoying Orange Inc.
- Jon M. Chu, The LXD
- Bernie Su, Compulsions

The Myths and Realities of Subscription vs. Ad-Supported Video
- Mike Hudack, Blip.tv
- Tim Street, mDialog

Digital Luminary Awards- Sponsored by AOL (America Online, Inc.)
- Mark Gantt, Kinematic Films
- Jon M. Chu, The LXD
- Amber J. Lawson, AOL

New Media Game Changer: THE YOUNG TURKS
- Shira Lazar, SHIRA LAZAR Production, Inc.

The Online Video Land Grab
- Christian Busch, Alloy Media + Marketing
- Jim Louderback, Revision3

Daisy Whitney's New Media Minute, January 18, 2011

Social media has become the new watercooler for TV shows and that's why we're seeing a number of new Fourquare-like check-in services for TV shows emerge. TV networks from HBO to NBC to OWN are pairing up with the new players in social TV like GetGlue, Philo and Miso. For more details on the ad and promotion opportunities in social TV check-ins, watch this week's New Media Minute.

Mark Gantt | Creating Visually Compelling Pitches

Because unfortunately having a great idea and a solid script is no longer enough to sell a concept. Distributed by Tubemogul.


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