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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pro Juice - New Series

Hi Everyone

We've launched a brand new web series. It's available through Koldcast TV, Blip, our website and soon to be broadcast in Australia on the ABC online platform iView.

Pro Juice is a 6x26min presenter driven TV series about music, video and new media for ‘guerrilla producers’ and those who dabble. An ever expanding demographic, ranging from industry professionals to the legions of creative types who express their art through all forms of digital media.

Pro Juice is fast paced, shoot from the hip, music video style programming. Professionally produced, but alternatively ‘pro-juiced’, original stories cut hard to provide informative and entertaining viewing. With a high use of bold design and new music, Pro Juice visually and sonically represents the medium it is dissecting.

Pro Juice is presented by Melbourne based music producer Arlo Picasso (aka Smile On Impact). His bold and charismatic delivery personifies the essence of this new generation of alternative media producers.

Check out Episode 1 here...

We'd love to get some feedback so don't be afraid to leave some comments!


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  2. Incidentally several episodes of Pro Juice have already appeared on Web Series Today:



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