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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Really Cool Show: "Back in Black"

The Really Cool Show-"Back in Black" from Ryan Balas on Vimeo.

From the press release:

he Really Cool Show SEASON FOUR premieres "BACK IN BLACK".
www.thereallycoolshow.com/ VIMEO/ VODO / YOUTUBE

The fourth and final installment of the popular web series THE REALLY COOL SHOW has begun!
Ryan, CC and DEE are back with the final 10 episodes documenting the ups and downs of their relationship as a threesome.
From their humble beginnings, shooting the first season on a web cam to the final season shot on the Canon 5d, they have fought censorship, baby rumors and pressures of being internet celebrities. 15+ Million views later, they have conquered THE WORLD...wide web. This is not your ordinary faux-reality show about a threesome who gets married and fights the battle of e-celebrity daily. No. This is a story untold. A series so DARING, it never picks TRUTH.
This season they are taking their relationship to a whole new level and going greater lengths to protect their precious image from a destructive blogger. Frankly, they have created the greatest final season of any show, ever. To watch it, is to witness the future of entertainment and rebirth of comedy as an art form. Be warned, this is not a season for tots, it's a show for adults who like to watch other adults behaving like teen heart throbs. So proceed with caution.

WATCH "BACK IN BLACK" HERE: http://vimeo.com/18076371 and be sure to check out the revamped website!


Produced and Directed by Ryan Andrew Balas (www.ryanbalas.com)
Starring/Written By:
Christi Chiello
Deirdre Herlihy
Ryan Andrew Balas
Photographed by Gary Marino Jr.


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