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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rise of Web Video, Beyond 2-Minute Clips

Production companies are now creating 10- and 20-minute shows for the Internet and writing story arcs for their characters — essentially acting more like television producers....

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  1. If people keep saying that longer web series will get views often enough maybe it will happen....... but I doubt it, unless you are producing actual content for TV, content with a similar quality to TV, content with youtube stars or other celebs, content with a huge marketing budget, content being promoted by a portal site, or are simply buying views.

    For now my advice is the same as always. If you want to grow an audience organically make your target length around 3 min and make it great. Every second still counts.

    The key way to differentiate your web series from the glut of entertainment being flushed onto the internet by the Studios is to keep it short, focussed and highly entertaining. Make your mark and if your show grows to an audience of 500,000+ then you have a base on which you can consider developing longer form content.

  2. The AUDIENCE makes the rules on whether your content should be long or short. If you start long, you have far more ground to make up. If you start short and then give people a little more each time, you've got a fighting chance.

  3. I'd go with the short videos at first but post them often, one a day. A 3 minute video once a week isn't going to attract many people.


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