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Friday, January 28, 2011

Suite 7

Suite 7: Soulmates

It's the middle of the night. Livvy (Illeana Douglas) and Max (Henry Dittman), two actors doing a film together can no longer resist the temptation of an off screen love affair. While Livvy and Max try to keep their romantic ideals about true love the couple next store with their wild antics becomes so distracting it makes them rethink their entire romantic escapade. Sponsored by Better Sleep Council (http://www.bettersleep.org/ ).

Suite 7: For Richer or Poorer

Thanks to a sudden spike of income, two newlyweds (Tony Janning and Tara Perry) find out on the night of their wedding just how very little they actually know about each other. Sponsored by the Better Sleep Council.

Suite 7: That Guy

Best Man Milo Ventimiglia has exactly 24 hours to convince groom-to-be Brandon Molale that he's about to marry the wrong girl. Sponsored by the Better Sleep Council. http://www.bettersleep.org/

Suite 7: Captive Audience

http://suite7.tv Cole (Brian Austin Green) is a very tired screenwriter who has kidnapped his muse, Kate (Alexi Wasser), hoping she'll star in his movie. Directed by Shannen Doherty. Written by Wilson Cleveland. Sponsored by the Better Sleep Council

Suite 7: Supermen

http://suite7.tv. How do you ask your longtime colleague and fellow road warrior to have his midlife crisis somewhere other than his hotel room so he can get some much-needed sleep? Directed by Michael Kang. Written by Craig Bierko. Starring Craig Bierko and George Newbern. Sponsored by the Better Sleep Council.

Suite 7: Company

http://suite7.tv Season finale! An emotional hotel guest coping with loss (Shannen Doherty) and an emotionally disconnected hotel manager (Wilson Cleveland) find comfort in each other's company. Directed by Mark Gantt. Written by Yuri Baranovsky. Sponsored by the Better Sleep Council.


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