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Monday, February 14, 2011

Daze Episode 1 - 2

Daze: Episode 1 - Part 1/2 |HD|

Daze is about the summer of 4 best friends
Josh, Sam, Jay and Aaron. GCSE´s are done and its time to have some serious fun.
They´ll encounter terrible parties, embarrassing incidents and that everlasting problem of relationships . . . . or the lack of them.

Welcome to Daze. It´s the last day of exams and Josh, Jay, Sam and Aaron have all been invited to what has been called "the biggest start of summer party around". Josh and Sam have got to sit their final exam and Sam voices her concerns about Aaron. Jay is visited by someone from his past and Aaron has been given the ever eventful task of getting some alcohol.

Daze is a Webseries based and created in Milton Keynes, the aim of which is to create an effective platform to showcase the vast amount of undiscovered talent in Milton Keynes.

This ranges from actors and writers to graphic designers and local musicians all of whom have gained experience and exposure to help them succeed in fulfilling their ambitions in life.

Daze follows a group of friends over their summer together from year 11 onto 6th form, encountering terrible parties, embarrassing incidents and that everlasting problem of relationships (or lack of them) along the way.

Daze is all about making difference to your own life by doing something that not only you have a passion for but we wanting do as much as possible to have the views of young people heard and listened to rather than accepting the image the media has forced upon us.

There are 6 Episodes in all and every Monday a new one will be released, If any of you would like to help advertise or know of anywhere we can take Daze message us. Any feedback of any kind would be appreciated.

Note : All Money made from this project (if any) will be donated.

Daze: Episode 1 - Part 2/2 |HD|

Daze: Episode 2 - Part 1/2 |HD|

Daze: Episode 2 - Part 2/2 |HD|


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