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Monday, February 7, 2011

"Incredible Girl"

February 7th, from 9:30 to 1:30 PST, actress and filmmaker Celia Aurora de Blas, will be hosting a sexyogathon to raise money for her indie film Incredible Girl. The project, which has already raised over $5000 on Indiegogo needs to raise an additional $1000 before time runs out today. Inspired by Rob Gokee and Allison Vanore's Taco-A-Thon, which raised more than $2,800 during a similar live stream event back in January. For each $100 dollars donated, Celia will remove an article of clothing and perform 'sexier' yoga poses.

Celia, an Anusara yogini, and a regular contributor to the online yoga-themed publication, Elephant Journal, is well-qualified for her planned fundraiser. The 'sexyogathon' is good clean fun and in her words fits with the theme of the movie she is hoping to produce, which she describes as "a raw coming-of-age story," and is set in the gritty milieu of a strobe-lit, music-thumping club where body language speaks louder than words. Celia is hoping this latest sprint to the finish line will yield results and that her film will be able to go into production in March as planned.

The event will be streaming live on Ustream until 1:30 PST. Those who wish to contribute to the project and help strip Celia can do so here at Indigogo's website. Lastly, for those on the fence about contributing, consider this. If this project is successful it might well inspire other indie web and film producers to follow suit with their own 'sexython.'


  1. It is up to $5,815 with 9hrs left of the indiegogo. Does anyone know what level they were at at the beginning of the day?

  2. Twitter account:


  3. When the 'thon started they were at I believe 5100.

  4. Sounds like it's gonna pay off. Cudos to Celia! :)

  5. Thanks for this post, Mathieas, and for playing along! I really appreciate your support in this:) I posted a link to this on the IGfilm website:)


  6. Okay, since no one asked I will. Just how naked did she get? I assume she ddin't get totally naked but was it close and if so are there screenshots?

  7. $5,820

    ....so close....it can still make it.

  8. So is Mathieas back?


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