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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pink Slip - Part 4 - The Dance


  1. Pink Slip loves Web Series Today, and is happy to tell our fans that I have just completed the scripts for Pink Slip - Part 5, 6 & 7 (5 & 6 are with the line producer, Bernie Gewissler and the others will join them soon). I have written the rough draft of Pink Slip - Part 8 tonight and hope to complete the final draft tomorrow.

    I am so happy to be back writing and want to thank all of our fans, our cast, and hosting sites for their support while my wrist healed from a fracture. Guys, it's so good to be back.



  2. Oh and don't forget to feed Tachyfin (the fish on the right). There is a little jar of fish food on the bottom left...


  3. Oh, and by the way, Pink Slip - Part 8 has been completed and is now with the line producer in it's final draft, along with the other 3 previously mentioned episodes. Model motion, why won't that fish, Tachyfin eat when I try to feed him?

  4. You have to close your eye and say the magic words:

    "Its time"

    That would work a charm.

    Just make sure you don't mention "Cassie". That never ends well.

  5. Thanks for the fish feeding tips...I think he ate some.

  6. Just wanted to give you guys an update, the script for Pink Slip - Part 8 has been completed and is with the other episodes awaiting a budget.

  7. Cool. Thanks for the update!!!!!

  8. Budget has been received and we are now holding auditions for new roles for Pink Slip and I'm story-boarding and shopping for props. Say hi to the fish for me.

  9. Casual poolside auditions went well today for new Pink Slip episodes and we have some more coming up on Saturday.

  10. Finally, we have pix. If you go to our Pink Slip - A Comedy Webisode by Muriel Campbell fan page on FB you can view them....I'd love to post them here, but don't quite know how to do that....hint please.....maybe tachyfin knows....if I give him some more food, maybe he'll tell me. The pix are from pre-production for Pink Slip - Part 5 and from the actual production of Pink Slip - part 5....yes, yay, we actually shot it last Sunday.

  11. There are two ways to include pixs in post.

    When you create a new post look right above the posting area where you will see a series of icons. The sixth icon has a "roll over" that says "Add image". If you click on that you will be able to add images.

    Two methods of adding images:

    1. If an image is copyrighted then you should only use the the "url" for the original image to include it.

    2. If you own the rights to an image or if it is in the public domain or "fair use" then you can upload an image from your hard drive to blogger.


  12. Help I think I just deleted part 4 the dance by mistake.

  13. I don't see six icons above the posting place to upload the pix. Told you tachyfin would have to help me.

  14. https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=2754228927937283278&postID=6312106357779901751&isPopup=true Check out what Suzie & Max are up to in these pix from the Pink Slip - Part 5 shoot.

  15. Not quite sure what you were trying to link there, but it links back here.


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