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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Problem with YouTube’s Celebrity Buying

...CEO Salar Kamangar, who replaced co-founder Chad Hurley in the top spot earlier this year, is moving the world’s most popular online video site into a cozier position with Hollywood

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  1. As long as they do not bring the TV-centric geoblocking with them it could end up helping the Youtubers. By making brands more comfortable with Youtube it may increase sponsorship for Youtubers. I sincerely doubt that Youtube will neglect the people who built their channel. This seems more like an attempt to build out their brand and draw in new sponsors, which in the long run could benefit everyone. As you point out, there is a new game in town and the old world celebs are going to have to compete on a level playing field with the Youtubers......or let's hope for Youtubes sake it remains a level playing field.

  2. In response to the Fine Bros comment on TF:

    "It feels like a broken record, but the lack of transparency across web video is part of this issue. The buying of views on studio and sponsor backed content getting huge fake numbers that sponsors believe to be true, makes the real (and more importantly sustainable) viewership that is on YouTube less valuable in the eyes of most. "

    This is an issue that has come up several times since 2009.


    Yet the trend seems to be for more and more ""higher quality" serialized content" to hide their views behind portal sites. Further ad agencies and even some IAWTV members seem to continue to promote and defend the practice as being "standard." That in a free market is there prerogative but as pointed out by the Fine Bros the net effect is to damage rather then benefit.

    The supposition appears to be that there is real value in brand paid pre-rolls on videos with autoplay. The pre-roll ad play might be there but is the value? Perhaps there was a time when this approach would have been effective but todays video audience is very effective at filtering out such pre-rolls. Thus it is quite possible all we end up with is an ineffective pre-roll and video content that is almost never viewed and rarely engaged with.

    The real value proposition from those who have learned to used YouTube authentically is that they have proven their ability to engage and motivate their audience. One would hope that any new celebs on YouTube would learn from this. If they do, then this could be a transformative moment for an ad industry that has found itself rapidly becoming a dinosaur; trapped in its own assumptions of fraud and deceit.

  3. In response to comment by Tim Street on TF:

    "The fact is that YouTube is a household name but none of the YouTubers are."

    This would depend in how you define "household name". In the broad sense of the phrase it may be true that YouTubers are not well known across all generations. However this was probably also true of the Beatles at one time. If you look at the younger generation some Youtubers have very broad market penetration. Not only that but they "own" their market demographic.

    Expecting the world to remain "mass market" is just looking backward. Markets today are pluralistic and segmented. This is exactly the type of market serviced well by the Youtubers. Expecting a return to the good old days of TV is neither realistic or desirable. The future lies with the YouTubers and the "facebook kids" that just over threw the government of Egypt.

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