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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things are cranking @EQAL

Miles Beckett:
Things are cranking @EQAL signing new partners and brands left and right... My head is spinning!


  1. ...and yet LGPedia remains offline after more than a month?

    What gives?


  2. Priorities I guess, supporting there fan base doesn't seem to be one.

    Good luck to EQAL's new partners..

  3. I've given up on @EQAL! Good luck to their future and present clients. I hope they get what they pay for. If I find one of them interesting I will support THEM but not @EQAL. They have lost all my respect. They fail to listen to fan/viewers input. They are doing what brightkite did and removing the functions that made them what they were known for and keeping the ordinary things that everyone is tryin to do. You can't say you are trying to break the molds of trans-media or anything like that when you aren't doing anything innovative and NEW!

    Good job on keep it MEH and bland!!

  4. Jul 20th, 2010
    Aug 23rd, 2010
    Sep 29th, 2010
    Oct 29th, 2010
    Nov 4th, 2010
    Jan 4th, 2011
    Feb 1st, 2011

    Yes, I can see how much is going on with @EQAL.

    Really, an average of one tweet per month is totally impressive for a social web-based company.

  5. eqal in 2011 has gone places no one predicted. its not webseries, its really pure marketing and community websites.

    its sad that lgpedia is down. does anyone have a mirror?

  6. To anyone who thinks we are ungrateful for all Eqal contributed to lonelygirl15, LG15: The Resistance, Harpers Globe etc, that is not the case. The community supported these ventures and respects all the hard work and creativity that went into them. However, respect is a two way street.

    Many in the community contributed hundreds of hours of volunteer effort to building LGPedia. Collectively we spend thousands of hours. LGPedia has become respected around the World including several academic institutions as an authoritative source and an invaluable repository of information concerning the "evolution of the web series."

    Miles, Greg and Mesh wanted to usher in a new era of community engagement in online video entertainment. The community responded and they achieved that goal. Engagement however comes with responsibilities and it is up to Eqal to live up to its end of the bargain.

    We have repeatedly asked Miles and Eqal to look into the LGPedia problem. We have been repeatedly ignored. If Eqal wants to be a name that brands associate with, they should first learn to live up to their community responsibilities.

  7. I've been wanting to get the LGPedia fixed for a long long time. It even more disappointing when they ignore our emails and tweets. If they keep this up, I will not be supporting them for much longer.

    Is the LG15 their old shame? Are the fans that made their product popular not valuable enough to show even enough respect to respond to questions?

  8. It is hard to know what the problem is since they just seem to ignore it and their fans. Very strange for a company that wants to represent brands.

  9. Given EQAL's indefensible apathy over something (LGPedia) they said would take 10 minutes to fix, here is a "brand" I will NOT purchase...Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese! Seriously...10 minutes?

  10. ... just say no NO to Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese

    We want our pedia back.

    :):):) #LGPediaMonday

  11. Discussion on LG15.com:


  12. The World's first #transmedia [email protected]? http://bit.ly/eyHsmL #LG15chat #LGPediaMonday



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