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Sunday, March 13, 2011

AOL: Strike 3 at Engadget

A revolt is under way at technology blog Engadget, a key component of AOLs new strategy to revive the company. First it was Paul Miller. Then Joshua Topolsky. Next up we have Nilay Patel.

It’s tomorrow.

by Nilay Patel

I’ve been privileged to have a front row seat as journalism transformed from a one-way street to a multichannel discussion...

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Yes, the now infamous "AOL Way" appears to be working; but not in the way Tim Armstrong envisioned. Nilay makes the third member of the Engadget podcast team to leave in a matter of weeks. Engadget has essentially lost its heart.

Adding to the intrigue is this stunning tweet from venture startup guru Jason Calacanis to Joshua Topolsky shortly after Josh broke the news that he was leaving.

It would appear that the AOL way may just have led to AOL's worst nightmare. It is game on. Bring it!!!!

::::: UPDATE :::::


Despite what the press really wants to say, I'm not leaving Engadget because of the AOL Way. Clear?



  1. Jason followed up with


    See: http://gdgt.com/

    gdgt is the new consumer electronics site by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block -- the guys behind Engadget and Gizmodo.




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