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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charles Trippy: Hottest Pillow Fight Ever!

Let's get this to the top favorited! Oh and you're welcome, internet! :)

Thank you SO much to all the awesome girls in this video:
Alli - http://youtube.com/Alli
Olga - http://youtube.com/OlgaKay
Meghan - http://youtube.com/Strawburry17
Gina - http://youtube.com/PrankVsPrank
Justine - http://youtube.com/iJustine
Sabrina - http://youtube.com/TeraBrite
Jess - http://youtube.com/ExoticJess
Melissa - http://youtube.com/Mel
& Christine
Go check them out and say how awesome and how they're such good sports for being in this video!!

Don't forget to subscribe and all that fun stuff and send to your friends! You know they'll love slow motion too! haha!

Charles' info:

Also, thanks to Playlist Live for putting us all together so we could shoot this!


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