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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Downsized: Downsized - Season 2 Episode 1 "Employment"

In the Season 2 Opener, Hank (Gerard Urciuoli) tries to shake Beth (Daryn Strauss) out of her depression, while Connor (Chris Henry Coffey) is caught between the sheets with his estranged wife (Michele Mavissakalian).

Downsized is a made-for-the-web ensemble dramedy about the extremes people go to when faced with an economic crash. The critically acclaimed series, told in the mosaic style of Magnolia with the dark humor of Nurse Jackie, follows the lives of several New Yorkers as they try to balance work, love and their checkbooks post-economic crisis.

Nominated as Best Web Comedy by Clicker.com in 2010 and an Official Selection at the Cologne Conference 2010 in Germany along with HBO's Treme and AMC's Mad Men, Downsized is also one of the few scripted web series granted a partnership with YouTube

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  1. Gerard Urciuoli deliberately concealed his arrest in Jamaica in connection with charges that he possessed, was dealing in, and tried to export a significant quantity of marijuana. His deliberate concealment and omissions of relevant information were designed to fraudulently ensure that he obtained, and then retained, his employment as a police officer, and justified his termination.


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