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Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Break Hearts: The anatomy of an Absolute Disaster

We have now seen the third act of "We Break Hearts", a web series that some expected to be a break out hit because of its star studded cast: Jessica Lee Rose, Maxwell Glick and Craig Frank. But the results are in and the view count is far from an outstanding hit. Now some web series would love to have even 1000 views but remember that "We Break Hearts" had front page exposure (presumably purchased advertising) on DailyMotion on the launch day of each episode. The series itself was far from a disaster with an interesting plot and some solid performances. So what went so far wrong?

We have heard some say that the web series is dead. We do not subscribe to that theory. Independent producers appear to be just as enthusiastic as ever and some have been produced with quite good production values. Clearly some shows such as Video Game Reunion still resonate with their audience. Some blame the "discovery process" but clearly "We Break Hearts had a lot of front page exposure on a major portal site and that seems to have done little in terms of views. So the question remains, what went wrong?

To be fair, we enjoyed the series. It was great to see Jessica and Maxwell "together" again in a web series and the show itself has a interesting plot. However that does not change the reality the view numbers are really bad for a show of this caliber, particularly one brought to us by Brett Register of "The Crew" fame. So for the sake of everyone involved this is perhaps a good point to step back and ask what web series are doing right and where they are simply failing in the marketplace.....and why?

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Watch "We Break Hearts"


  1. One of the key factors is the degree to which a separation has occurred between the "audience" and "series".

    "Web series" grew out of Web 2.0. Bree was a "youtuber" after all. And the key ingredient to Web 2.0 is social.........something every youtuber fully understands.

    Now the problem with portal sites is that they treat shows as bait for advertising. What this often means is that social has little value to them beyond the autoplay add thats served up to the viewer. This is a HUGE mistake because social is everything.

    There are many ways to be social on the web. There are many ways to interact and be interactive. Not everyone will or should do it the same way but those who fail to learn the lesson that the web and by implication the web series is social will learn a harsh lesson.

  2. That said, don't forget to actually watch:

    "We Break Hearts"


    and leave a comment with your impressions.

  3. I think it stands to reason that if they were to go to Youtube with this series with Jessica and lg15 in the tags they could draw respectable views without really trying. Unless someone can remember otherwise I don't recall Lonelygirl15 having much of a presence on Dailymotion. Hell the last time I did a search for lg15 on Dailymotion I got almost nothing at all.

    The viewcounts I'd chalk up to a lack of promotion to people who WOULD watch and being on the wrong portal in regards to finding their target audience.

  4. Thats a good point. Lonelygirl15 did have a few videos on MySpace but Youtube was always their "home" (except for that period on Revver).


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