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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Workshop Season 2 Episode 1 and 2 (Geoblocked)


  1. "WORKSHOP" Season 2 premieres on the Dailymotion front page starting Wednesday, 4/13 for international viewers!

  2. This is a really horrible way to treat your international audience. It is one World so why treat the international viewer as a second class citizen?

    I fully understand the Hulu business model and why they do it. That is your choice and the choice you made as a producer. That is your option. But in the context of the World Wide Web it suxs.

    Geoblocking is an abomination to the World Wide Web. It is good that you recognize that, however the treatment of international viewers is shameful and it is sad to see someone who got their origin from the World Wide Web treat it with such disrespect. Putting your show on DailyMotion a week later is simply insulting to the international viewer. You might think about that the next time you set up distribution channels.


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