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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury Episode 1 on Blip TV

DK Bond returns!

Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury is a puppet based webseries featuring the adventures of DK Bond, lover, fighter, Monkey. He is, to our knowledge, the only puppet monkey action hero in existence. It follows on from the Original ‘Jungle Fever’ which was a 48 hours film competition entry handwritten at 4am in a desperate, sleep deprived haze. The original short was well received, catching the eye of Peter Jackson and going on to make the national finals of the New Zealand based competition before spawning a sequel, Jungle Fever 2.

JF2: Primal Fury is a 12 part series where DK Bond must fight to save a population of oppressed puppets from an evil dictator and win back the hand of his lost love. It features exciting action sequences, clever puppetry and a witty script. It is written and directed by Peter Haynes, an Auckland based filmmaker who is also the author/artist of Angels2200, New Zealand’s most successful webcomic.

More episodes will be uploaded to this blog on a regular basis.


  1. The width of video that best fits the current WST blog format is 560. Larger sizes are not recommended because they cause some browsers to crash or freeze since there are multiple videos on a page.

  2. It is also a good idea to add the tag "web series". If you do not do that then the videos will not appear in the web series category on WST.

  3. Is the monkey any relationship to the notorious P. Monkey (of lonelygirl15 fame)?


  4. Hi there, yes I saw it was too big but I couldnt find an 'edit' option...is there one I'm missing? I'll make sure that my next posts are better :)

    Not sure about the monkeys relationship, but I do know that lonelygirl was a kiwi.

  5. Under the post you will see:

    "posted by hansagan at 11:52 pm 4 comments "

    to the right of that you will see an icon that looks like a pencil........click on that and you can edit the post.

    And indeed Jessica (lonelygirl15) is a Kiwi.



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