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Thursday, May 19, 2011

LGPedia is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Five months ago LG15.com went offline for around a week. When it came back the community built LGPedia was missing from the site. It appears that today Eqal has finally rectified this problem and the community LGPedia is now back online.

LGPedia is perhaps one of the best examples of community involvement in a web series. Taking thousands of volunteer hours to build, LGPedia carefully catalogues every aspect of the LG15 Universe, related community video series and independent community video series. LGPedia is so comprehensive that it has been used on course work by several academic institutions when discussing web series and alternate reality games. We thank those who contributed to building LGPedia and we thank Eqal for taking the time to bring it back online.

Visit LGPedia and explore the rich universe of lonelygirl15:


  1. Now we just need to solve the Cassieiswatching anagram.

  2. I hope they updated some of the information. What are Owen, Thor and P. Monkey up to these days.

  3. Maybe someone can score an interview with P. Monkey and give us an update.


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