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Saturday, May 21, 2011

"THE WANKERS" The First Episode Release date is 5/25/11. Here is a TEASER


The Wankers is a sitcom about a reluctantly related family.  This show is like Married with Children but shot in the single cam format.  There are no rules with this show's style and genre.  Think Family Guy with live action. There is a TREND with this show. Its called:  #WankersWednesdays. Feel free to comment on this show and enjoy every  #WankersWednesdays.


  1. Cannot read the text in that color.

  2. Also the 560x340 size embed fits better in the space provided and will show off your video better.

    Finally if you do not add tags to the post your series will not be categorized by blogger. It is a good idea to add the name of the series and a tag like "web series" to ensure that it gets categorized.


  3. Be careful about duplicate and blank posts. They happen now and again but remember posts go out on RSS so its good to avoid them if possible.

  4. i keep trying to edit the video but it wont allow me to upload or embed... which icon do i select. i just have the picture icon as of right now.

  5. hey modelmotion i went into the html and punched in the size and color of the font... i really dont want to have to use HTML every time. how do i post videos with out using HTML? and what is TAG on this blog?

  6. Looks like you found the pencil icon to the right of "comments".

  7. I'm sorry but what a piece of garbage. A laugh track on a web series? It just brings more attention to the fact that it isn't funny at all.


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