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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big Baby - Ep. 1

Brett and Amy Baldwin are average American newlyweds who decide to adopt a child. Enter baby Wayne, a giant baby with ginormous problems. He's strong, he's heavy and he eats a lot. He's also quite surly due to his enormous size and locks horns with his father because of it. The young couple are proud parents regardless, and they make the best life for their new baby they know how, even if they have no idea how to do it. Oh, and he talks a ton too, although no one seems to hear him.

Julie Mitchell Baldwin as Amy Baldwin
Lou Iacoviello as Brett Baldwin
Andy Pagana as Baby Wayne
Mary Passeri as Adoption Agent
Brandon Gage as the voice of Wayne

Cosmic Toast Studios, LLC


  1. This is funny....ripped from the headlines, huh? I just saw a newstory re: an adult baby...so you are right on time to be the firs to deal with this or at least the first I've seen. Well done and break a leg.

  2. oops, sorry for the typo, that should read first, not firs.


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