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Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Cassie!!!!!

Cassie has turned 23!


For months now loyal Cassie fans have been checking in on her Youtube channel to find out when her birthday is. It now appears that she turned 23 at some point in the last two days. So we now know Cassie's birthday is either June 5 or June 6.

Cassieiswatching on LGPedia:

Cassieiswatching ARG on LGPedia:

Cassie on LGPedia:


If anyone checked on the Cassie channel on June 5 please leave a comment so that we can determine the actual date of Cassie's birthday.

JOIN other "Cassies" in Second Life to celebrate Cassie's 23rd birthday:

http://www.tinyurl.com/cassieiswatching2 <==========


  1. We're still celebrating...a bit more sober than we'll be on Saturday. Currently, we're enjoying the "Cassie's Birthday Concert" which shouldn't be missed.

  2. Happy 23rd Cassie

    Second Life is always a fun:):):)


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