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Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink Slip Trailer


  1. Please check out some of the wonderful pics from our latest shoot for Pink Slip - Part 5 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10250190175838244&set=a.10150190170133244.307434.220616168243&type=1&theater
    Lauryn Nicole Hamilton (Rita) is beautiful.....trouble on the horizon????

  2. If you want to introduce new people on Web Series Today to a show with an existing plot line a catch up video is a good way to go. You can also do a catch up in text format. Another alternative is to tell people about the characters using screen shots. You can even introduce people to the cast one at a time and tell the reader a little about them.

    There are a ton of ways you can use existing content to tell people about your show and get them interested in watching more. We actually used all of these with lonelgirl15 and a number of other shows and it can be quite effective.


  3. Thanks for your ideas, Model Motion. Great idea.

  4. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150190170133244.307434.220616168243 Photos from Pink Slip - Part 5

  5. http://photocast.me.com/mcaselli922/100344/rss Subscribe to photos from Pink Slip - Part 6 coming late fall

  6. http://photocast.me.com/mcaselli922/100344/rss Subscribe to photos from Pink Slip - Part 6 coming late fall

  7. Thanks for your great suggestions, Model Motion. So here goes.

    When Max,(Michael Adam Hamilton) a struggling actor, is pink slipped from his night job, he also loses his last remaining relative. What would you do if you were pink slipped, evicted and orphaned in one week?

    Max's pal Joey (Jason Ellefson) hatches a zany plot to allow Max to remain at his deceased Aunt's Senior Citizen $105.00/month subsidized apartment.....and this might work, except, for the fact that fashionista Suzie, (Kaitlin Snyder) a gal with expensive tastes steals Max's heart away.

    If I were to sum up what Pink Slip is about I'd put it this way:

    1. Whip up 1 tbsp. of unemployment
    2. Add in 1 cup of eviction
    3. Beat in 2 tsps. of being orphaned.
    4. Stir in one zany friend with an even zanier plot
    5. Fold in one fashionista gal pal with expensive tastes
    6. Pour in 2 cups of senior citizens
    7. Add to zany guys, some fake boobs and wigs.....and now, you've got Pink Slip.

  8. Sorry, that should have read two zany guys.

  9. Sorry, that should have read two zany guys.

  10. The best way to get exposure is to create an actual post about the series as you would with a video. That way it will go out on the RSS feed for the blog, the mailing list and the twitter feed.

    Comments are great and are the lifeblood of a blog so yea, don't forget to comment (Tachyfin loves them) but when it comes to letting the community know about your show an actual post will be much more effective. It is also easier to add pictures to illustrate and active links as needed.

    Also while your summary is very clever it is very big picture. Think about the viewer who will only see the next post. How will they grasp the over arching concept of the story, the nature of the characters, the story so far, what happened last and how it fits in with what they are currently watching.

    Every creator probably hopes that viewers will see their show from Ep 1 in a linear fashion but that is not always the case. Try and put yourself in the shoes of the viewer who is seeing Ep 4 first (yes, I get that you want them to invest in the show by going back and watching from Ep 1, but that possibly wont happen if they can't grasp the characters and story of Ep 4). They will simply switch off and move on.

    So think about how actual blog posts can inform and educate viewers about your show. Introduce them to the characters and take advantage of the medium to add value to those characters etc etc etc.


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