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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Content, Content Everywhere -- But Is It Safe To Drink? We Need A Marketplace For Web Video

So why aren't we seeing more marketers make the smart move into original Web series?

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  1. A simple 5 second "This show was sponsored by XYZ" and then a great show that is worth watching would be a great way for a brand to go. (ie PBS style).

    A lot of pple would appreciate that if it led to great and entertaining content. Much better than unwanted prerolls and branded content.

  2. "And how do you differentiate between a user-initiated view and an auto play view? Right now there is a huge variance in engagement (though it should be said: the International Academy of Web TV (IAWTV) is actually working with various web video publishers and metrics providers to provide clarity on this issue). "

    See: What is a view?



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