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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Streamy Awards news......

@streamyawards :

well hello friends, some big Streamy news on the horizon, we've missed you all..



On Facebook:

"Streamy Awards you bet - we're gearing up for a big announcement. But definitely in the works, just pushed back a little. Thanks for asking!"



  1. The big news is they now know how to use twitter

  2. I'd love to answer all of your questions, but was a bit put off when the first question was about my age. Ageism is the last ism there is....and believe it or not, some of us in the webby community are a bit long in the gil.....just ask ol' Tachyfin....but I shouldn't be talking about ol' Tachyfin's age should I? Please forgive me Tachyfin, for being rude and ageist as well....here....have some more fish food....glub, glub.


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