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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Web-only studios mature by mimicking 'old media'

Vuguru spent $300,000 to create the scripted series “The Booth at the End,” debuting in the U.S. this week on online video site Hulu.



  1. As Marshall Mc Luen said (and I believe I've spelled his name wrong, so please Tachyfin, don't berate me, but he did say "The new media always imitates the old media." However, I wonder how that will work since one of the things that is so great about the new media is that it is always evolving and the audience is not like the old audience.....we are inundated with numerous messages, emails, FB posts, Google+,Twitter, and it seems that the videos that are successful are short and are in some way about the new media itself... However, I wish them success but hope they don't crowd out those of us with much less money, in fact, many times, no money who are truly innovative.

  2. Realizing that everyone is "inundated" is half the battle.

    On the studio side the selective pressures filter out content they don't expect to be able to cut thru to a major audience.

    For indie web series the process is quite different. The www creates a level playing field but its a playing field where competition for even a few minutes of time is intense as you point out. The difference is the studio system is like a battleship where as the indie Web series should be like a fighter jet. Web series need to be nimble, fast reactive and live and thrive from the chaos of FB, twitter and Google+ etc. Living and breathing on the www is the key. Let the studios do their thing and take advantage of the www to truly innovate and figure out where your series fits within the chaos.


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