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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is the best/your favorite web series ever?

Quick - what is the best/your favorite web series ever?


Send your answer to @chrismccaleb on Twitter


  1. Spellfury/English Teachers tie

  2. In terms of intense experiences we should probably also include Maddison Atkins 1.0 Chaper 1. It only lasted a couple of weeks but the way the community worked together was really really really fun. And did anyone see that ending coming?

    Also, in addition to my tweet of Lonelygirl15, Katemodern was right up there. That nuclear bunker made an epic set.

  3. Before answering, please watch first episodes of AIN'T THAT LIFE. our new comedy-mystery web series at youtube/aintthatlife.

  4. I'd say "Fresh off the Plane". It's new, but it's insanely good


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