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Sunday, October 16, 2011

New web-series that's bound to be CATchy

Hello My (Feline and not-so-feline) Friends,
Is your pet possessed? If so, you’ll love this new animated, live-action, comedy, horror, reality, web-series written and directed by Nicholas Tana, former Associate Director at ESPN International, and the writer and director of “Sticky: a documentary on masturbation.” Nicholas Tana’s production company, Smart Media L.L.C. is producing this series with the help of Denise Acosta, and students from the L.A. Film School. The controversial title, “My Pussy’s Possessed,” is bound to get attention, although it may not be about what you think. For starters, it’s about a cat!
“My Pussy’s Possessed,” is based on true-life events about Nick, a Hollywood writer, whose love life is jeopardized by his cat, Angel, who is possessed by a mysterious and jealous spirit. The animated introduction is first-rate, along with the Danny Elfman (Tim Burton) inspired original score– a maddening, cute, and crazy arrangement of murderous meows! Listen to it for yourself by checking out our website: www.MyPussysPossessed.com and read our Blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account! The first episode launched this week!
Our goal with the web-series is to entertain, but more important, to promote several non-profits that work to help alley cats trying to make it out there in the cold-concrete-car-congested-world. If this is to be successful, however, we’ll need your support! So don’t miss out! Join our newsletter! Watch our series, and stay tuned, as we add guest appearances from your favorite celebrities who love their cats!
Please visit our website at www.MyPussysPossessed.com and help us to promote this killer, comical, CATchy new series. Until next time, we’re meowt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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