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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paul Kontonis, Chairman of the IAWTV (The International Academy Of Web Television), talks about mm on the Nat & Marie show.

During the Nat & Marie live Web show Paul Kontonis, Chairman of the IAWTV (The International Academy of Web Television), and branded entertainment practitioner with The Third Act and Digitas advertising agency talked out on an open mic. He appears to say "I was going to tell you not to talk to that modelmotion"

To see the full episode: Nat & Marie Season 2: Episode 4

Nat & Marie Season 2: Episode 4

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@atubanos @kontonis @iawtv What analytical or social media info is there proving ANYONE watches "paid views" or "autoplays" #webseries

@atubanos @guygal @kontonis Why has the @iawtv not endorsed the Youtube "standard" of a significant % play as the definition of a "view"?

@atubanos @guygal @kontonis Why does the @iawtv not denounce "geoblocking" as an abomination to the World Wide Web and #WebSeries

paul kontonis
@modelmotion my apologies for the off air slight, no blacklisting going on, simply speaking my mind and not the views of the @iawtv

@kontonis You are Chairman of the @IAWTV . You continued your rant AFTER they told you that you were on air. tinyurl.com/PKrant tinyurl.com/PKrant #webseries


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  1. MM has done so much for show creators, sometimes in the face of harsh criticism but does it out of the love for the space and what the web can be. He supports us as a community for the right reasons and Paul was WAY out of line for how he treated him.

  2. Thanks,

    I fail to understand how a human being can be like this, particularly one that is Chairman of the IAWTV.

    The good news is that the questions were asked in spite of his desire for them to be silenced. Further, Nat & Marie seemed to understand the importance of the geoblocking issue and how it pertains to an award show that claims to give awards for content actually on the World Wide Web.

    We all hoped things had changed since the Streamy Awards. It appears at least as far as Paul is concerned it is business as usual.

  3. Overall, the information we walked away with on the show is that the terms and policies which define the world of emerging and online video content is in the hands of the creators themselves. So far, much is undefined.

    I agree that, in the spirit of the internet, geoblocking is counter intuitive. However, the choice to geoblock is that of the content producers themselves. How could an organization like IAWTV govern that? We at Nat & Marie, aim for a global audience and because of that we open ourselves up to a lot interesting interactions.

    Like Paul mentioned on the show, the nomination process for awards is open. So if one person who is geoblocked is against another who isn't, well it will pose a problem when it comes to the voting period. Theoretically, it should work itself out in the wash - providing the organization is truly international.

    That's something that comes with age, marketing and then an internal algorithm to ensure an even voting platform.

    Modelmotion, your questions were challenging, but a debate well worth tackling! Thanks for taking the time and I hope you had fun with our show mix, news, viral content, cool stuff, live guests and silliness. Hey, life can't be all meat and potatoes. ;)


  4. If they don't want to answer your questions; it means you're asking the right ones.

  5. Joe - Paul answered ModelMotions questions and to be fair, no one was blacklisted.

    Modelmotion - I feel like you're never going to be satisfied. Why do you have such an unrelenting distaste for IAWTV?

  6. Paul Kontonis, the Chairman of the IAWTV publicly said on an interview show that he meant to tell them NOT to talk to modelmotion. That is a fact!

    I am not sure what you would call that but is this really an example of the type of behavior you want from your Chairman and your organization?

    I ask fair questions and back them up when needed. If dialogue about real issues is a crime then convict me. If not, then ask your self why your chairman is going around the World asking people not to talk to modelmotion while at the same time talking about the IAWTV Awards show which is open to non IAWTV members.

    The issue of a "blacklist" was not one I raised. This issue does however date back to the Streamy Awards. I actively lobbied for a split between Tubefilter and the Award show in the hope that the separation would remove any conflict of interest and eliminate any talk of a "blacklist". If that talk has returned then please blame Paul, not myself. He said what he said and we all heard his message loud and clear: "don't talk to modelmotion"!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Marie, did you not watch the video?

  8. @Marie, Rich at WebSeriesNetwork made a good observation and that is that you and Nat did laugh pretty hard at the situation when Paul went off on ModelMotion. Very unprofessional and very telling.

  9. Initially I believe Nat & Marie were laughing at Paul because he was talking while still on air. At the end of Paul's rant one of them does appear to laugh at the "pissing me off part".

    It is always hard to attribute motives and this is no different. But, if anyone thinks this is funny, it is not. Why not you ask?

    Well it cuts right to the problem of "group think". Hopefully Nat & Marie do not think it is funny that Paul would suggest that someone from the show "not talk to mm". If one can read into Paul's behavior this may not be the first time he has said that. In fact it is quite possible he is not the only one saying it. Yes, it is a free country and they are entitled to their opinion and their voice, but when people begin to buy into "group think" it creates a dangerous scenario.

    All I ask is that everyone think with an independent mind. And while you are at it, ask yourself WHY Paul felt the need to say this?

  10. That's ridiculous, Modelmotion knows more about the webseries space than just about anyone I know. He deserves some respect!

  11. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.


  12. OK, I am about 12 days behind on this controversy. JUICY JUICY JUICY!

    Can mm be a gadfly? Yes, because he continually asks tough questions, he tells it like it is, he's bascially the techcrunch of webseries.

    the fact is that despite the promise of 2006-07, 75+% of webseries suck, few people watch them, and few people make money off them.

    Did people complain when The Moving Picture World (an influential early industry film journal) said that movies sucked in the late 1910s? Hell, yeah, they were upset.

    But they were right. And people listened.

  13. Just to clarify the previous comment by Milo: I have not said "webseries suck". Others maybe think that, but I have enjoyed many Web series and I have posted and vigorously supported a LOT of Web series here on this blog and elsewhere. If you want to see an example of one that was well done go watch Talent season 2.

    What I have said is that I do not consider a Web series that is geoblocked to meet the strict criteria of a Web series. Web stands for World wide web; a geoblocked show is on a regional network and hence not on the World wide web. However I have always respected that the choice to geoblock is up to a creator for whatever reason they choose to do it, but if they do they should understand their content is not on the World wide web.

    I have also said that a view should not be considered a play start. Rather, I have argued that the Youtube algorithm is a better description of a view. The viewer should watch enough of a video to comprehend what it is about before it is considered a view.

    I have said that a Web series that is trying to build it audience should consider making videos in the 3 minute range. There are a number of reasons for this but I always respect the fact that a show creator can make the show any length they want, but the longer the show the more effort they will have to put into marketing it.

    I have said that adding pre-rolls while you are still trying to build your audience is a bad idea. I have also said a Web series needs to use the first 15 seconds wisely to grab and engage the viewer.

    I have said that a group like the IAWTV should not be the voting body for a commercial award show like the Streamys, especially if the award show is own by a commercial entity that has substantial control over its Board.

    And for this I am vilified by Paul Kontonis, Chairman of the IAWTV?

  14. indeed, my comments about most webseries sucking are my own opinions. it happens to be the truth, however. haha.

    and to paul kontonis i say WARRIORS COME OUT TO PLAY!!! cue cheesy music ...

  15. I take it you did not like Talent, Season 2?


    Personally, I think it was quite good.

    I guess it depends how you define "Web series".

    After LG15 ended I took a good hard look at our origins which was very much within the Youtube community. What I realized was that you can either define Web series narrowly (as strictly scripted narrative drama) or more broadly where you include: Web series, Web Shows, Web News and Community videos all under the broader umbrella of "Web series".

    Now if you look at Web news we have The Philip DeFranco Show doing an amazing job of bringing news to a younger demographic.

    Within Web shows you have Olga, Shane, the Fines etc bringing a new take to sketch comedy.

    In terms of scripted drama a lot depends on expectations. Shooting "TV style" has become much more common but BlackBoxTV brings its own spin to the horror genre. We had Anyone But Me and Out with Dad both putting up a good performance.

    There are really so many shows I am not going to attempt to discuss them here. However to give a blanket "they all suck" does little good unless you can suggest what they are doing wrong, and point to who is doing it right. I enjoyed your post where you tried to do that.

    Personally I think its a good idea to be supportive of up and coming creators. I miss the old constructive discussions. I miss a community that treated each other nicely. And to me, that community is as important to a Web series as the show itself. Perhaps that is my experience with LG15 comment, but in part that is why i believe that social needs to be in the DNA of a show.

  16. One category I did not mention is the "community videos". One could consider this as a form of reality show and ranges all the way from creative vloggers like our own Hollishillis to lifecasters like Charles Trippy and Shay Caryl. The lifecasters are high volume and harder to cover on a blog like Web Series Today but I would still include them in the "community video" category.

    Now if you wanted a more interactive experience that built a small online community like LG15 you could have participated in Conspiracy for Good. While the shows experience was lacking in some areas the community aspect was superb.

    On that note and with a rather weird twist I find that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement shares much in common with LG15. In fact you could consider OWS the reality version of Lonelygirl15. The community online is vibrant and extremely motivated. They are building web sites and wikis. They interact 24/7 across a plethora of IRC chat rooms. They have developed streaming from live "events" to a fine art. There are friendships forming and experience and knowledge being shared. And its turning out to be global. All these are things that should resonate with any Lonelygirl15 fan.

  17. Oh, I forgot had a post about that last part:

    Lonelygirl15 walks into reality.

  18. I agree with MM,

    Nobody is going to get better if certain facets of the community treat them horribly on a constant basis. Even I've learned that being part of the solution and supporting the creators that work hard and care about reaching an audience is better than just attacking all the time.

    It's a wide open web space and if people want something that they haven't been given to date, feel free to create, or pitch in and help someone else create what you're looking for. A healthy community spirit is where shows, creators, viewers, etc thrive.

  19. its not constructive to say something sucks, but its better than lying about it. there is way too much gladhanding going on between creators. consumers are voting with their views (or lack thereof).

    who is doing it right? the people getting the views. I'm not a stickler for quality, really, I will give kudos to anyone who can make crap successfully, which Smosh has been doing for 5 years now.

    but reading over your comments, mm, i am reminded at how you are always so supportive of creators. its just absolutely ridiculous that you get painted any other way. which is why i am prepared to do the dirty work.

  20. "I will give kudos to anyone who can make crap successfully, which Smosh has been doing for 5 years now."

    So you are using the word "crap" in the sense of commercially viable products that have resonated in the marketplace? I seem to remember that Japan built a nation on such "crap". Ultimately consumers (or in this case viewers) determine what they want to see and one thing they have made clear is that they want to be entertained and have zero tolerance for anything that does not respect their time. That is why I advise any Web series creator to look at their show in terms of making "every second count."

    The other fact I am challenging is the notion that there are no good or quality shows out there. You simply evaded that point.

    Finally, there are many types of people making Web series today. For some it is their first project. For others such as Blake with Continuum, they are seasoned film professionals. This is testament to the empowerment that the Web has given us and with helpful and constructive advice one can only hope that we will have many epic Web series in our future.

    One last word:



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