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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: INSANE Paranormal Activity

INSANE Paranormal Activity - This might be even crazier than what happened with Nolan and LeMaster. I'm pretty sure Nolan has a message for me and is trying to tell me but just isn't sure how to do it. At the beginning of the video I got another letter from Tom Waters asking me to come see him and talk with him about Black Eyed Kids and Nolan. He seems to think there's a connection with that paranormal phenomenon and everything else that's been going on. Given that Nolan's ghost (just a guess) has black eyes I feel like he might be right, that there is a connection with this paranormal activity and the ones urban legend of the Black Eyed Kids. So after the letter we went to bed and then something really crazy happened with Nolan.

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