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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LIVE: LAPD are on their way to #OccupyLA Solidarity Park

4:50am PT Final 3 protesters (and a dog) removed from a tree house after several bean bag rounds were shot at them.

3:30am PT Occupy LA: 1400 police involved in the eviction; no tear gas used; approximately 200 arrested on section 409 violation of the California penile code.

2:40am PT Police go after protesters in the trees. After some arrests many have left park and are headed to the church to re-group.

1:48am PT occupylacivicengagement maybe have been arrested. The Ustream is now off the air. This has not yet been confirmed and they may just have ran out of battery.

1:28am PT Another groups of 100 have broken through and added to the protest. Police have performed a tactical with drawl to reinforce their lines.

1:10am PT 100 people have broken through the police lines and are joining the people in the park.

LIVE from inside the camp:

1:04am PT The wellness tend has been dismantled.

12:52am PT Police are isolating small groups of people and then surrounding them.

Breaking News
Police give protesters 10 minute warning to leave as 1000+ cops move to dismantle Occupy LA City Hall camp - KTLA lat.ms/rKj6cH

12:30am PT Police have closed a 2 block area around City Hall. People are being stopped from entering the area. Some was hit by a police squad car.

12:20am PT Police lines are forming with police wearing "tactical gear". LAPD bomb squad have arrived and a "cherry picker".

11:38pm PT A 10 minute warning will be given before the police action.

10:30pm PT Only the main stream media "pool" (3 TV, 3 print, 3 radio) will be allowed inside the perimeter once the eviction begins. Police are coming from Dodger Stadium.


9:30pm PT: 15 buses filled with police are on their way to the park. A dispersal order is expected for the protesters.


More live streams:


LAPD - Citywide scanner: http://livescannersonline.com/lapd-citywide.html

ABC7.COM LIVE VIDEO: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/livenow?id=8446517


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