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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Steeping Success in Online Video

He even gave some hard data about what works in terms of length for online videos: 2-3 minutes max.

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Keep it Short: 15-Second Videos Rule for Brands

You like to do what a video tells you to do if the video is 15 seconds or less.

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  1. Another good quote:

    "think about earning your audience rather than deserving your audience "

  2. There is a lesson here for Web series as well. You have to "sell your show" in the first 15 seconds of EVERY video (and yes, I do include any pre-roll in the count, so use them wisely if you are still developing your audience). So, do not waste the viewers time. Use EVERY second wisely. If you have not "hooked" the viewer in 15 seconds (or LESS) you may have lost a viewer not only for one video but for LIFE.


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