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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Web Series Creators react negatively to watching pre-rolls!

Robb Padgett
I'm glad I submitted YouTube embeds for @VZWshow's IAWTV nominations. Pre-roll ads are time-consuming and annoying while voting.

Steven Tobler
People with #CTW5 pilots should consider deactivating pre-roll and overlay ads. Just sayin'.

Jared Hoy
folks in #CTW5 - PLEASE disable your adds on @bliptv for the lenght of the voting. cc @CelebrateTheWeb

Few people would argue that there is a need for Web series to generate revenue to become sustainable. One of the common and perhaps most disliked techniques is the "pre-roll". While clearly there is a time and place to use pre-rolls (for example, a popular property that has already developed its viewer base) many do not enjoy them when they first encounter or are exploring a Web series. Well, it seems like many of the show creators them self when required to watch them do not like them either. This became quite apparent today as voting began for the IAWTV Awards and Celebrate The Web. It seems that when confronted with the same viewing experience that they expect viewers to accept many Web Series creators were less than happy about having to watch pre-rolls.


  1. The question remains, will the Fine Brothers do Kids React to Pre-Roll Ads?

  2. The CTW5 pilots need to disable pre-roll ads is not about whether they're effective. It's because CTW is a non-profit organization and many shows have Creative Commons content with a noncommercial clause, so having ads on there would violate both the spirit of CTW and some of the pilots' licensing agreements.

    It's not about the ads themselves.

  3. "PLEASE disable your adds on @bliptv for the lenght of the voting. "

    It is quite clear from the quote that that was not what they were talking about. If it was about what you claim why would it say "for the length of the voting."

    It would also be in the official rules.

    Clearly they do not want to sit thru the same pre-rolls they expect regular viewers to suffer thru.

  4. Because CTW5 has a limited license on the content.

    If you just see what you want to -- some grand "ads don't work so let's skip them" conspiracy -- go ahead, but that's not what it's about.

  5. To quote Robb Padgett:

    "Pre-roll ads are time-consuming and annoying".

    All I am saying is that there is a time and place for pre-rolls.

    If you hope to grow an audience organically then most likely the use of a pre-roll will do more harm than good in the early phase of that process. Any revenue you get from the pre-roll is more than offset by the damage it does to building your audience for the long term


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