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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Online Video Conversation Has Changed

TV will be around for a very long time and it’s success, failure, or status quo is not necessarily inversely proportional to the success or failure of online video

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A Look Back at 2011: Begun the Turf War Has

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  1. The problem here is that you talk about all “online video” as if it was one monolithic block. It is not. Web series, Web news , Web shows and community videos on Youtube etc are not just “video”.

    The Web has created a complex social matrix and “video” is only one component of the mix. True, you can move TV shows online and call it “online video” (geoblocked and all that archaic stuff) but that does not describe the experience many enjoy today on the Web: whether it be Annoying Orange, PhillyD, Shane, Charles or Alloy’s excellent Web series: Talent etc etc etc.

    To call it just “online video” is a gross over simplification of what is working on the Web. It also points to the main reason people fail. Online video alone has not been enough since lonelygirl15 and all the Youtubers redefined this new entertainment landscape we know as the Web; and the Web is social.

  2. On the 2nd story:

    The thing is the "Youtubers" do not need to use "deficit-financing" because they make content millions of people want to watch and they actually make money. They do not need to buy views because they have a loyal following. If anything has changed in the entertainment landscape that is it. It is a change that is rooted in the empowerment that has ignited the World. From the Arab Spring to Annoying Orange, empowerment is the driving force and even the old school players are being forced to confront this new reality.

    In terms of advertising, everything also points to a new reality. This new generation rejects the fake hard sell. They demand authenticity. And the thing is, like it or not the people this new generation listens to are the Youtubers.

    So yes, TV will be forced to move their content online. But that makes it "TV online" which is going to be forced to compete with the ever improving native Web content produced by the Youtube empowered community.


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