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Sunday, January 22, 2012

HeyitsMilly: MILLY ON YOUR CHEST! (Facebook Fun #8)


  1. You are too cute and I shall tell my friends with kids to watch you.

  2. I'm confused about the new subscribing stuff....and the new youtube....Tachyfin please give me guidance....I've promised you to finish our interview but I've been so busy, shooting, editing and uploading and sharing, I fear I've neglected you....but soon my friend some down time because our 4 episode season will almost be over part 7 will go up this week and then just part 8 to edit and put up.....then freedom for 1 week vacation....then writing parts 9,10,11 & 12 and starting all over again, my friend....but I have such a scoop for you. Can't wait to tell you.

  3. Tachyfin said "Gulp gulp gulp?"...... i think that Tachy is asking what you are confused about?


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