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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical

Hi all,

This is our first post. Thanks for letting us be part of this community. We are a group of North American creators from Canada and the US who are about to release our first interactive web musical series. This is the synopsis:

Prison Dancer is an original interactive musical web series inspired by the viral Youtube phenomenon, the “Dancing Inmates of Cebu.” Featuring a cast of Youtube stars and some of the most exciting Filipino musical talent emerging in North America, Prison Dancer is “Glee meets Miss Saigon” wrapped in a “choose your own”adventure. Filled with catchy pop tunes, star-crossed lovers, and engaging interactive elements, Prison Dancer brings together the best of Broadway and Youtube entertainment and takes transmedia storytelling to the next level.

You can find more information about us here:



Here's our first TEASER. Would love to get feedback. Enjoy!


  1. Welcome

    Added the title: Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical to the posts.

    If you prefer something else, just change it.

    Readers have indicated in the past that they prefer articles titles that clearly indicate the show/series being discussed.

  2. hi of course. I think i forgot to add the title. thanks very much for doing that. will remember next time.

    1. Cool.

      And remember to feed Tachyfin (the fishy on the right menu of the blog).


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