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Friday, January 13, 2012

IAWTV Awards: some random thoughts #IAWTVawards

Because you’re stressing the exact opposite: that you’re still a niche field, that loosely celebrates itself in a closed room while most of the other people don’t even know or care.

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'Guild' nabs Web TV kudos

The Intl. Academy of Web Television announced the winners of its inaugural IAWTV Awards on Thursday night at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino during CES in Las Vegas.

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"The Guild" and Shira Lazar Clean Up at Inaugural IAWTV Awards

While there wasn't any cursing, there also wasn't much for surprises or fun in the briskly moving ceremony.

Felicia Day, Shira Lazar Take Home IAWTV Awards

... the members of the International Academy of Web Television love them some anything affiliated with Felicia Day...

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IAWTV Awards Liveblog: Why Felicia Day is the Tina Fey of Web Entertainment

Oh, it’s made of golden pillars representing the togetherness of the Web. Cute.


Video: Felicia Day Sweeps IAWTV Awards - Readies Slate of New Shows for YouTube

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IAWTV Press Release:


  1. Very interesting. For the most part it went off well, but you make some very good points.

  2. Dick Clark Productions? U sure about that?

  3. For the record Dick Clark Productions have partnered with Tubefiler to do the next Streamys, (if/when that occurs,) and NOT the IAWTV awards.

    1. Yea, it was weird how they merged info on the Streamys and the IAWTV awards.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what Felicia makes next.


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