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Monday, January 9, 2012

"Kids React to K-pop" sparks off a controversy and goes 436

::::: UPDATE 2: The video is now back on Youtube.


So apparently a record label has blocked all access to our Kids React to K-pop


It is not exactly clear what went wrong here, but it would appear that something in the Kids React video "Kids React to K-pop" has been taken in a way that was probably not intended. There is always a danger of this when doing something raw and organic and hopefully The Fine Brothers will clarify the details later in the day. The video has been taken down on YouTube.

"Kids React to K-pop"
The uploader has not made this video available.




The video in question is still available on Blip:

Watch the full Episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd6EQ4MxTWE
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Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)

Popular Youtuber, The Fine Bros, releases “Kids React!” video on K-pop

Though the kids’ reactions can be a but harsh, it’s interesting to see a different perspective on K-pop music and videos.



  1. Here is a copy of the comment I left on the bonus video, I don't know if the comment will show (on the bonus video) since they enabled comment approval, so here it is.

    I support TheFineBros and your shows. Just because someone found the reactions of a few children to be offence they should not then block that video on youtube because of it. They should respect their opinions and perhaps try to show them some different K-Pop or perhaps address what it is the kids dislike about this genre of music, something more constructive than blocking the video. The fact youtube allowed them to do this is worrying, and this is all whilst the SOPA argument rages on...

  2. Indeed. And great point about SOPA. If that gains a foothold it will be open season on anything the least provocative.

    TheFineBros have a good track record and probably did not expect this video to stir up such strong feelings both about K-pop and race......... just read the comments over on Blip.... wow.

    By the way someone has mirrored the video on Youtube now.

  3. Except for not liking assembly line made pop groups (which makes them smarter than most) what did they say that was wrong?

  4. Well it seems to be a combo of two things:

    1. the K-pop fans are very defensive of the stars they love.

    2. certain comments seem to have sparked off comments about racism.

    If you read the comment over on Blip that are pretty extreme and those were reflected on Twitter.

  5. Just to set things straight. I do agree with what kindredphantom. However, I don't think that's the reason why they took it off youtube. I know the record/label companies in Korea are very strict about copyright infringement on the web, so this is not the first time they forced people to take down any videos that contain clips of their music that did not give them the credit. So I think that is what happened.

    Also, some of the comments said by the kids were a bit harsh and comes off as a bit ignorant. I know they are kids, but some of the kids should have been taught to accept all races/cultures, so saying things like "they are copying the artists in US" or even "they all look the same are not only offensive, but also may seem like they think that the Western culture is more advanced than the Asian culture.

  6. The comments over on allkpop.com about this video are over-the-top. I can't believe the violent things people are posting about these kids. One person posted they wish they could find them so they could stab them for saying such bad things about K-pop. Apparently they found the personal YouTube account of one of the kids and started targeting them there.

    Unfortunately TheFineBros were unaware of how defensive and quick to attack K-pop fans can become. If you don't know much about K-pop, you might assume the fans act like fans of any other music genre. I've never seen anything that matches the level of fanaticism here in the U.S. - even with the biggest of pop stars.

    I do agree that the kids could stand to have some race/culture training if they're going to be commenting on such a public forum. Some of the comments they made were offensive.

  7. Thanks anon. And yes, some of the comments over on Blip also indicated that threats have been made which is rather disturbing.......but thanks for putting it in context.

  8. http://www.allkpop.com/2012/01/popular-youtuber-the-fine-bros-releases-kids-react-video-on-k-pop

  9. The funny thing about allkpop comments are that most of the members of allkpop forum are around the same age as the kids in the video. I don't think that's a good excuse for how wrong it was for them to make such comments and make personal attacks at the kids in the video, but at the same time, TheFineBros could have done a better job on explaining kpop to the kids and filtering the video a little better. That would have prevented giving Americans a bad name (since we all know by now many kpop fans/Koreans overreact at times) and from offending a whole race (Asians) of people. I think it is ridiculous that people are arguing and threatening each other about this topic, but at the same time, I believe that if TheFineBros knew anything about kpop and their fans (which they claim that they do), they should have done this video in a way not to offend people or not have done it at all.

    Also, somethings that kids mentioned in the video show how much US lack in cultural education. I feel that kids are taught (to some extent) that America is the best and everyone else tries to copy US or needs US. I feel that this shows another aspect in which US education system is lacking.

  10. Good points. There are now 3093 comments over on allkpop.com and after reading a cross section I agree that cultural differences are an important consideration here. TheFineBros have always been great community members and I would not be surprised if they take this opportunity to build bridges since in the end we are all part of one World. Greater cultural understanding can only help lead to a better world in the long run and where better to start than with kids?

  11. The last anon to comment JUST PROVED that he/she is just as bad as those haters. I know this is cliche, but why can't you be the better person, if you are older than those tweeners and people do not know anything about research (which by the way was very random to bring up, if they are tweeners, should they really care about research?). Also you said you are "moving on with your life," yet you are posting a degrading/offensive post on a blog about the haters (and also whining). You are just as bad as them.

    I don't take sides with neither the video creators, the kids in the video, nor the crazy kpop fans. They all have done their part in this incident. YET what I do not like is people trying to say how they are better than anyone of those groups involved. You are just as bad for taking time to COMPLAIN/WHINE about them.

  12. Attacking each other is counter productive. We have been given an opportunity here to learn how things can be interpreted differently by different groups depending on their perspective. Time is better spent trying to understand the nuances of what went down here. When we look at other groups we tend to see them through the prism of our own perspective and national heritage.

    The time has come to celebrate our differences and realize we live in one World, one planet and it is those very differences that make it an interesting place. If the video has introduced K-pop to a wider audience then that is a good thing. If the discussions have prompted people to think more deeply about how statements that might seem ok to some can be offensive to others then perhaps that is a valuable lesson on its own.

  13. They are just kids, yes they are a little ignorant but again, they are kids.
    As for the death threats, that is over the top but then this is the internet. I very much doubt any of the threats carry much weight.

    Lessons will be learned from this video. I think the FineBrothers may now stay away from topic that spark a reaction such as this one.

  14. It's wrong to be harsh on the kids but let's admit it... some of the kids are very narrowminded and sounded racist. Personally I think alot of Americans are raised only into the American culture and first when they get alot older they learn about other cultures.

    Some of the kids made me angry or rather irritated. I don't think it's the kids fault it's the parents who doesn't teach the kids about the rest of the world.

    I think they should have shown better pictures and other videos/songs but they just searched and took what they found and who can be angry about that?
    The pictures they could have taken new ones, I agree on that.

    I don't know who I'm most angry, some Kpop-fans have gone too far.

    Please understand that I'm not bashing anyone I''m just saying my opinion. Doesn't everyone have the right? So does the kids. Don't bash them... IF you have to bash, bash the way they got raised.

    Remember not all kids react like that and they HAVE to overreact... it's for entertainment. Yes some sounded racist, yes they didn't like your oppas/unnies but seriously.... not everyone does and we have to live with that.


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