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Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Week In Webseries - Episode 10 - Post IAWTV Awards Thoughts - Chris Greenaway - Lewis

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  1. A number of top Web series were left out of the nominations. The question is why? Did they just not submit, and if so why? This will become increasingly important now that we have a number of vibrant Spanish shows. But what about India, Japan, China etc? Is anyone actually following all these outlets to see what is out there? Is so, who?

    The next possibility is that there is a systemic failure in the submission/nomination/voting process. One easy example is language. This is a topic that frequently comes up with the Occupy movement because participants recognize that to be a global movement they need to support (and select software platforms that support} a multilingual community.

    Then there is the categories them self. Representatives of the IAWTV go back and forth between talking about web video. online video, Web series, Web Television, Web TV etc and some of these have a distinctly different meaning. If you are going to take the broad approach claimed by some at the IAWTV then how can you exclude the life streamers such as Charles and Shay? Where was Orange: undoubtedly one of the best received and well produced pieces of comedy on the World Wide Web.

    In the end the Awards were nicely done, but came off as looking like they were part of a private club rather than reflecting the best of serialized Web video content. Props to those who produced it; in time they will over come the technical issues and for a first run this was a brave attempt. However the Academy itself has a long way to go if they hope to create a show that actually represenst the best the Web has to offer in video entertainment.

    As for that Pollack dude, clearly he did not understand that the IAWTV was shooting for a classy event. His actions alone brought the entire show down at least a notch. Is this really how the IAWTV wants to be perceived?


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