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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Worldwide YouTube Boycott on Feb 18 & 19th - Join us!


  1. Choice would be good. The new design is ok for some, but it does change the social aspect of YouTube and that is a really important.

  2. We'll see how many will join. Especially among the "big".
    I didn't happen to see such hard complaints from youtube partners, so far. Do you?

    And how can this protest be measured? Are there some tools?

  3. Quite a few large partners have refused to switch over to the new format. Most likely this is a sign that they support and prefer the old format.

    That said, as currently planned the change will be forced on everyone on March 7, 2012 unless something changes. If anyone wants to protest the change, this would be the time.

    That said, we appreciate all that Google gives us for free and we do not take that for granted. However the Youtube community has given a lot back to Google and the community voice deserves to be heard.

    Make it roar! ......or suffer the consequences!

  4. obviously the boycott will go nowhere

  5. Perhaps, but that does not mean that the people concerned should not voice their opinion.


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