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Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Web Series Coming Soon!

Hey everyone, this is Jenius Productions letting you all know about a new web series we have in production right now! It's called Death As We Know It. 

Death As We Know It is a comedic web-series following the lives (or deaths, rather) of three recently deceased ghosts spread out between two households. Not only do these ghosts have to deal with the human problems of the people they now haunt, but they also have to discover what it takes to move on from purgatory and figure out how to live even in death.

The show stars Daniel Eachus, Diego Parada, Tyson Pestner, Ryan Driscoll, Sarah Buster Brooks, and Ryan Phillips as well as having a whole slew of guest stars!

We are currently half way through production and look to air our first episode in May of this year. Each episode will be roughly five minutes long and jam packed with laughs!

Make sure to check out our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/dawki and see what it's all about! We have promotional videos and photos up for you to enjoy and will have many more coming soon. We can't wait to have you as viewers!

Jenius Productions


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