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Friday, March 23, 2012

Whats A Squaresville? Squaresville Behind The Scenes Ep. 1

 Episode 1 of Squaresville currently has 6308 views. It is quite possible that many, of not most of the views following 3/19/12 (point "A"in thee graph below) were obtained via a paid ad on YouTube which most likely used adwords such as "emo", "teen", "drama","web", "series", "video", etc etc.


  1. Too bad that its not a new episode. Behind the scenes is great, but it should not break up the story flow. Weekly episodes tend to work much better.

  2. The view count is now up to 8171

    In an interesting twist:

    First referral from a subscriber module 3,038

    The channel has 831 subscribers as of today.


  3. Ahhh this might explain it:

    The add shows "Hipster Teen Web Series - Two nerdy girls take on the suburbs"

    but clicks through to

    which autoplays "Nerds On The Run: Squaresville Ep. 1"


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