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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Average scripted web series budget is $500k for a season???

paul kontonis ‏@kontonis Average scripted web series budget is $500k for a season, needs to be more like $2MM - dolphin digital media @CAA cc @Iawtv #dcnf #webseries


modelmotion ‏
@kontonis Is average budget really meaningful in this context? Would the median not be more relevant. Popular series can cost much less.


Blood and Bone China ‏@BloodBoneChina @kontonis @CAA @Iawtv Our web series was made on a budget of practically nothing. Won Best Webseries of 2011 @indie_intertube awards


Mark Gardner ‏@MarkGardnerATX RT @davidnett: @kontonis @CAA @Iawtv Average? Love to see data. sure none of us indies included. That said, avg needs to rise - investors?



  1. Why are we allowing big money to dominate the "space"?

    Clearly many of the best and most watched Web series are produced on a much more limited budget. Just because the big studios have money to throw at projects does not mean that the community cannot create great and respected content at much less.

  2. Our season 1 was done in a budget of 10K...57K views.

  3. The idea that big media is spending stupid money on the web space, (save for commercials/ads,) is the biggest myth in our industry.

  4. Perhaps Digitas, who PK works for and who run the "Digital Content Newfronts", want to insert them.self as a gate keeper and determine who get funding and who does not.

    Clearly Digitas is only interested in "big budget productions".

  5. I've talked to more and more "web execs" who want the web to be just like TV. The gatekeepers are here and thriving. Disheartening.

  6. So why do we keep treating them like they cured cancer? We should be brand building first and foremost so we don't need them.

  7. There is going to be TV content online. However that does not mean we need to hand over the keys to the kingdom to Digitas and the like. The Web is ours and we control it by choosing what we watch and support. What we have is community. The more we grow as a community the more we avoid the gatekeepers who will inevitably try to shut us out.


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