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Friday, April 20, 2012

Barely Political: Help us win a WEBBY!


  1. You guys are awesome I saw the john Mayer for dummies and I will be sending you a AWESOME card and my fav key of awesome is Justin Beiber as long as you love me

  2. By the way my real name is Luisiana zambrano I'm logged in to my brother

  3. And can I PLEASE help u guys make a video PLEASE

  4. hello, I heard ya'll were always looking for people to help. Is there anything I can do though I live in Oklahoma? I love the miley cyrus parody, along with the john mayer one DEFINITELY. They were hilarious.

    Sara Morphis. My email is [email protected]hoo.com

  5. my email is actually [email protected], I forgot the 27.


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