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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Variants set season three to Kickstarter

The Variants lauched their Kickstarter campaing for season three a couple weeks ago. They are already over 50% away from being fully funded. Click here to read more.

Hi everyone. This is Richard Neal and Ken Lowery. We’re the executive producers and writers of The Variants, a comic series about life in a comic book shop.

For two seasons, you’ve laughed and watched us as we learn valuable lessons about life behind the counter at your local comic book shop. And today we’re bringing you our plans for season three.

After two seasons running as an all-volunteer production, we'd like your help to move forward to produce the next season. In this Kickstarter, we’re asking for $8,000 to make season three a reality. And once we tell you what we have in mind, we think you’ll be happy to contribute to making our goal a reality.

To give you a taste of what we want to do with season three, check out the season two finale, starring Chris Haley and Curt Franklin of the Web comic Let's Be Friends Again.

Our goal is to make six of the funniest Variants episodes you've ever seen. But we'd REALLY love to make even more.

With this Kickstarter for $8,000 we can produce six episodes of The Variants you know and love.

If we reach our kickstarter goal, we'll continue! At $10,000, we'll produce eight episodes, and if we make it all the way to $12,000, we'll produce ten episodes and even produce extra content.

We've got fun incentives like signed DVDs, t-shirts, original art prints, and karaoke parties!

So there it is. Our Kickstarter campaign runs until Memorial Day, and we'll be updating you with special guest spots and videos along the way.

So please, if you want more Richard, Keli, Barry, and Vlad, please, give generously.

This is the season two finale episode "The Sellouts". Check out the Kickstarter page here.


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