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Thursday, May 31, 2012

How We Made (working title) A Success!

I'm bringing you into this game a bit late. Here's a quick flashback of what you missed.

It was 2008, I decided to become a radio DJ as I have the face for radio. This seemed like a lot of time and a lot of work. I decided to write a show about a DJ at a radio show. This seemed like a lot of time and a lot of work. I decided to create a bunch of characters that would work at a radio show.

2009. My characters were refined into six core characters and a smattering of supporting peeps. I had a vague understanding that they were all nuts, in their own individual ways. And that they worked at a radio station. Good. In a shopping mall. Better. In an unnamed North American city. Generic. With dragons. Way too much coffee.

2010. Brought in a writer to help create storyline and scripts. Enter Sydney Gann with the promise of endless coffee. Many nights of email and chat over pots of brewed bean. Plots formed, dialogue created, scripts born. Then 24 months of back and forth script writing, edit, re-edit, re-edit-edit.

2012. Production year (we hope)! Invested money in the camera, lights, sound gear. Drew up the sets. Started finalizing scripts. And...

And...we're back!

This is the blog about the journey to create a hit web series. Part webumentary, part how-to, part random ramblings of over caffeinated creative java junkies. A wondrous adventure into the unknown to do a thing that many have told us that we cannot possibly succeed at: Making a web show AND making it profitable AND finding dragons.

Oh, sorry. I was told that we nixed the dragons due to budget constraints and union issues.

Stay tuned...


  1. A good pix or video always helps bring a post to life.

    1. That's the plan, as we travel along the journey of putting together this web show. Future blog posts will include pictures and video shot exclusive for the blog. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Pardon my ignorance but how is a series that still hasn't shot a frame a "hit"?

    1. No worries. We are thinking ahead and staying optimistic. I'm pretty certain that nobody produces a web show with the goal of not being a hit. Positive thought, Venus Spa, positive thoughts!

  3. Make your series and THEN you can make such claims.

    1. Ah, I understand your confusion, now. Our statement is that we are planning to create a hit series and inviting you to join us as we chronicle the journey to that goal.

      Glad I was able to clarify our position! I hope that our journey helps you to navigate through the new media landscape with us and achieve success! And have fun doing it!

      Thanks, for the comments!


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