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Saturday, June 9, 2012

All My Children & One Life To Live on Hulu???

The networks may not want our soaps but could Hulu be the answer??? Both AMC & OLTL are currently sitting on the shelf gathering dust while fans continue to clamor to see them- wouldn't it be great to have access to them on Hulu??  It would be a classy move on Hulu's part and smart- if they make these shows available and then track the audience viewership it will prove once and for all soaps are in DEMAND!  Please post a comment on this thread and let's make this happen!!!



  1. To a degree, the entire advertising model is going to have to change. More and more people are watching content online and it seems pretty clear that trend is going to increase going into the future.

  2. i really wish it could find away back too tv i looked at hulu and im not really happy with the programing on there so if i got it it whould just be for all my children also hate how dificult it seems too be too look for shows on there i wish netflix played more up too date shows couse i like there graphic and layout so much better, but i know they dont so well i dont know i still want too see all my children come back

  3. From what I understand, AMC & OLTL will run on The Online Network, with possible broadcasts on TV after it airs online.


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